Another Curious People Night

6 October 2022 / 8:30 p.m.
Teatro Portland, via Papiria 8 - Trento
ENGLISH language event - C1 Advanced Listening

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Brief introduction to CURIOUS - Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science, EU Project financed by Creative Europe.

Augmented Lecture
Urban Art Collectif, Sofia (Bulgaria)

By and with Spas Kerimov physician and founder and CEO of a biotech company that creates living tissues and organoids with 3D-bioprinting technology, Nikola Nalbantov, set designer and video artist, and Dimitar Uzunov, actor and theatre director.

Artificial human organs replacing defective or obsolete natural originals. Mothers giving birth through synthetic organs. Immortal people. Does this sound fantastic? The new reality is already knocking at the door. Come and set your clocks! Can science take one of the last bastions of nature - immortality? Not only will you hear our answer, but you will also touch on medical approaches ranging from science fiction to scientific reality.

Collectif Urban Art, Sofia (Bulgaria)

In memory of
Sir Ken Robinson
By and with
Dimitar Uzunov
Video and set design
Nikola Nalbantov
Scientific advice and voice of Aini
Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov
Music and sound design
Nikola Gruev - Kottarashky
Female artificial intelligence
Vanina Kondova
Radostin Naidenov

Creativity is often considered the most important skill of the 21st century. How to Become Einstein in One Hour? is an exciting adventure in search of the secrets of Albert Einstein's creativity. Einstein worked in the field of science, but the principles of his creativity can be applied in all fields of human activity. Actor Dimitar Uzunov and video artist Nikola Nalbantov have the ambitious task of turning every spectator into a creativity expert in one hour. Are you ready to take up the challenge?
The evening's events are part of the programming of the European project CURIOUS - Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science.

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