The Theatre of Wonder is a festival where art and science meet. It is aimed at a diverse and curious audience: theatre lovers and science lovers, veterans of live performance and young people who want to be fascinated.
Scientific progress has radically changed the world we live in and offers us wonderful ideas to explore, ethical dilemmas to consider and pressing issues to address. Art and theatre allow us to transform all these concepts into experiences and emotions that touch the human soul.

The Theatre of Wonder draws its raison d'être from this reflection and stems from the realisation that there is often a fine line between Art and Science. After all, every science researcher is also a bit of an artist and every artist is a researcher. The act of creation is an artistic act, invention is art!

The Teatro della Meraviglia Festival is realised within the framework of the European project CURIOUS - ( financed by Europa Creativa and was born out of the communion of intentions between Arditodesio and the University of Trento, in collaboration with the Opera Universitaria.


The Teatro della Meraviglia Festival was born in 2017 from an idea of Andrea Brunello - Artistic Director of Arditodesìo and Stefano Oss - Head of the Physical Sciences Communication Laboratory of the Physics Department of the University of Trento. The Festival, which takes place annually, brings different experiences of theatre and scientific storytelling to Trento. At the heart of the Festival are the Augmented Lectures, in which artists, lecturers and researchers, both national and international, take the stage. Since 2020 it has accentuated its international vocation thanks to the CURIOUS project financed by Creative Europe. Arditodesìo is the project leader for which, in addition to the Italian one, three other independent editions of the "Theatre of Wonder Festival" have been realised in 2021 in Serbia, Bulgaria and Belgium. Others are planned for 2022 (Bulgaria at the end of October, Serbia in November and Belgium in December 2022).

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