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Teatro della Meraviglia 2021
The 2021 edition of the Teatro della Meraviglia festival is the first step of CURIOUS, an international project co-financed by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, which will bring Theatre of Wonder festivals from Italy to Belgium, Bulgaria and Serbia.

What happens when scientific communication meets poetry, theatre, music, video or the figurative arts? What common ground can be found when transforming scientific narrative into an artistic endeavour?
Theatre of wonder festival

Teatro della Meraviglia is a theatre-science festival organized in Trento (Italy) by Jet Propulsion Theatre / Arditodesìo Theatre Company, Teatro Portland, the University of Trento and the Opera Universitaria. It is a yearly Festival aiming to explore the state of the art in theatrescience in Italy and to produce and showcase novel productions, most notably Augmented Lectures.

The first “pilot” edition was produced in January 2017. A new edition of the festival has been organized each following year since. Thousands of people have attended the various editions for what has been considered a tremendously successful festival whose format can be replicated in other cities and Universities. The expertise gained in organizing the Italian editions and the results that were obtained have given us the confidence that the format has the potential to become widespread throughout Europe.


THURSDAY 13 MAY at 20.30 GMT+2 | Augmented Lecture

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Sex, Gender and the Brain (All different, all equal)
By and with Yuri Bozzi (CIMeC - Centro Interdipartimentale Mente/Cervello) and Clara Setti
Are women's brains different from men's? Are there gender differences in the structure and function of the brain? We will try to answer these and other questions by presenting the results of the most recent research in the field of neuroscience. We will talk about the role of sex hormones in brain development before and after birth. We will try to understand whether there are innate and/or acquired differences in brain structure and function between individuals of different sexes and genders. Finally, we will address the question of how to interpret these differences, and what social meaning to attribute to them.

FRIDAY 14 MAY at 20.30 GMT+2 | Augmented Lecture

Language: English

The Long Way to the Stars
With Vladimir Bozhilov (Department of Astronomy, Faculty of Physics, University of Sofia - Bulgaria) and Dimitar Uzunov (Director and Actor of Famille Mundi, Paris, and Collectif Urban Art, Sofia)

By Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov, Dimitar Uzunov and Andrea Brunello
With Dimitar Uzunov and Dr. Vladimir Bozhilov
Directed by Andrea Brunello
Video by Nikola Nalbantov
Sound and music Alexei Nikolov
Graphics Elena Gamalova
Assistant Alexandrina Djassem
The show is in ENGLISH and is part of the European Project CURIOUS - Culture as a Unique Resource to Inspire, Outreach & Understand Science.

This Augmented Lecture introduces us to the latest scientific theories on the origins of the Solar System and life in the Universe. In a fun, inventive and accessible way, it immerses us in scientific ideas and makes us think about where we are going and what we need to do to survive as a species.
Ahead of the presidential election, a popular TV talk show invites the leading candidate, astrophysicist John L. Ivanov, to present his ambitious ideas on space exploration. But the host, Denes Nagy, is not afraid to change the lineup and ask real questions. As the civil debate turns into a verbal boxing match, surprising ideas about the future of mankind are revealed.

THURSDAY 20 MAY at 20.30 GMT+2 | Augmented Lecture

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

What is Life?
By and with Gianluca Lattanzi (Department of Physics) and Maura Pettorruso
What is life? What is life? This is the title of a series of lectures given by the famous physicist Erwin Schrödinger, who took refuge in Ireland during the Second World War. Surrounded by reports of death, Schrödinger questioned the processes that allow life to proliferate on our planet. The principles of physics and chemistry must account for this. But how? Why is it so?  Does it have to be so? How can information about who we are and how we function pass from one organism to another? The laws of statistical and quantum mechanics provided him with the sketch of a molecule that had to be big enough to hold all the information, but small enough to be contained in a cell: 9 years later, DNA was discovered, kick-starting a revolution in the life sciences that has led us to manipulate the genetic code, reprogram cells and design vaccines. However, while we can hold out reasonable hopes of being able to explain what life is, we are a long way from answering another question: why?

To watch the online streaming


FRIDAY 21 MAY at 20.30 GMT+2 | Show

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

The Fantastic Adventure of a Heart of Ice
A show by and with Carlo la Manna and Andrea Brunello
With the extraordinary participation of Stefano Bellini and the ArtStudium Quartett

A fairy tale for everyone, with very human implications. The fantastic story of a little girl called Margu who lives in our solar system in a house full of incomprehensible objects. Through the doors of a jar she manages to travel on light trails to neighbouring planets, including Earth. Here she meets Frost, a snow child, son of an old oak tree, who tells her about his efforts to save the Earth from growing pollution through Black Dragons and children.

To watch the online streaming


THURSDAY 27 MAY 20.30 GMT+2 | Augmented Lecture

Language: Italian
Subtitles: English

Lucienne, Perreca and gravitational waves
By and with Antonio Perreca (Department of Physics, UniTrento) and actress Lucienne Perreca
For the past few years we have had a new sense for scrutinising the Universe. In addition to sight, we can "feel" gravitational waves and use them to discover distant worlds and wonderful phenomena

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